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Getting accepted to a university in the US is a fantastic feeling but it’s understandably a little nerve-wracking. Every year, thousands of international students travel to the US to study. Here, we look at the ways that universities help to support those international students studying miles away from home. Thinking of studying in the US? Talk to one of our advisors to get started. Freshman Orientation In the US, new students attending university for the first time are called...

Sure, everyone wants to study abroad. And that does not seem to be an out of the box idea these days. Unlike earlier times, studying abroad is not that big of a deal. All you need is a planned and structured step by step progression to the ultimate destination, that is, your university of choice. Over the times, studying abroad has found itself a completely distinct industry with abroad education consultants sprouting from place to place....

How To Study Abroad in 2017-2018
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