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Top 5 Reasons To Study In The UK

The UK is the most popular country among the international students after USA. It’s most affordable and home of the highest paid jobs in the world. Here we are today with the top 5 reasons for you to study in the UK.


  1. Placement year

After the re-motion of PSW by the British Government in the year 2012, most of the UK universities started introducing placement year/sandwich year/ internship year for the international students. Most of the UK degrees are one year so an additional internship year at almost no additional cost worked as a boon for the international students aspiring to study in the UK and some universities are making it mandatory as well.

  1. Part-time Jobs availability

The UK is diverse and rich country – its heritage and culture are unique. It’s is one of the most popular tourist places for the people globally. It has most of the industries and home for some of the world’s best universities. It assures that each of the international students get a part-time job to support himself/herself financially. You can earn up-to 2000-5000 INR per day doing your part-time jobs. It reduces your financial burden.

  1. Work-permit

Studying at one of the UK universities can be an easy task but that doesn’t assure you the job in the UK. It’s is one of the tedious tasks and near to impossible; however, it’s not impossible. If you are very serious after getting a job, then you can get a plenty of options right there. As a student, you go there on the Tier-4 (general) student visa and if you can arrange a sponsor for yourself in the UK, you can convert your Tier-4 visa to Tier-2 work visa. If getting a job in the UK is in your priority list, start searching from the day one – you need to apply at-least for more than one thousand jobs to make sure get short-listed for a few. Don’t give up!

  1. Scholarship

The UK is the home of scholarships, most of the universities offer scholarships – a few offer full and others offer a partial scholarship. You can save one-year leaving expenses and one-year tuition fee as most of the degree is one year. With an average of 10-12 Lakh tuition fee, you can complete the post-graduation. The undergraduate programs are little expensive and it can cost up to 35-40 Lakhs in Indian Rupees.

  1. Course flexibility

The UK offers the specialization which none of the other countries offer. It has almost all the course that you can think of or you can name it – related to any domain. Most of the programs that it has industry oriented and makes sure you get a chance to hand-on a few of the industrial projects by end of the course completion.

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