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MBA without work experience and one year internship

Looking for an MBA without work experience & with placement?

Your quest ends here!

We have two our partners offering an MBA which is designed for the people from diverse background. Even if you did Engineering or share a science background, this MBA can certainly help you grow the managerial skills that you need to excel either in your own start up or to grow up in an MNC.

These two below program with two of our business partner in the UK can certainly overwhelm your passion for doing an MBA.

Most people afraid to invest in the UK because of the less stay-back opportunities but these programs are hitting that hard as you would typically be getting those four months of stay back along with one year internship that can be paid as well, sometimes.

Moreover, the best part is, there is a lot of possibilities that you would be hired by an employer where you were an internee if they like your performance. I hope this is the best program that you can go for. It’s cheaper as well and you pay only for year. There is hardly fee for the year two.

We, at IEC ABROAD, can take care of your entire process to the above programs. We are the official representative of the universities to help the Indian students locally to go about their programs. If you get stuck with any question related to study abroad in the UK or anywhere else, we can rightly help you.

There are numerus benefits of applying through us and applying directly as being the official partner we can speed up your application decision time and can overtake all of your application hassles until visa.

We have been recruiting thousands of students each year for hundreds of universities across the globe. Our counselors and documentation team is well qualified and trained.

We look forward to serving you!

All you have to just dump in your academic documents to us and with your university suggestions, we will take care of rest all at a very little cost.

Don’t apply alone – let’s guide you for free!

Inquire now!

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