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Top reasons to study in Canada – IEC ABROAD

Welcome to IEC ABROAD!

We are an official partner with many colleges and universities in Canada. We represent them in India and recruit students for them. If you want to study in Canada then we can rightly help you out with candid and streak guidance. We offer exclusive services and take care of each of our clients in a very personal manner. We appoint them a personal qualified counselor who help them from universities guidance until they reach their dream destination.

IEC ABROAD CHENNAI has got the best reviews for their services and maintained up to 95% students’ satisfaction ratio.

Let’s now begin with why you should study in Canada.

  1. Post student work visa

    Canada is the only country which offers up to three years PSW after a two years course and one year PSW for one year course. It helps you to practice your studies in Canada or helps you to settle in Canada as well. You can take PSW only once in lifetime in Canada.

  2. Easy PR Availability

    Canada offers a very easy PR system, you are eligible to apply for PR in Canada with one-year full-time experience. If you go for a two years course you would be getting three years stay back. Within that three years, you would easily be able to get one-year full-time experience and eventually you become eligible for the PR. Enjoy!

  3. Course Flexibility 

    Canada offers a diverse range of courses at every level. Be it duration wise or maybe level wise – 2 months certificate or a Ph.D. course. There are two types of institutions that work in Canada: SPP (Students Partnership Program) & Non-SPP. The SPP colleges don’t have permission to render the Master’s degree but they offer a very flexible diploma program with relaxed entry requirements.

  4. Part-time work 

    Like most of the countries, Canada offers Part-time work opportunities to all the international students. Most importantly, the part-time jobs availability – there is a lot of part-time jobs availability in Canada i.e. tourism, education, event management etc.

  5. Cheaper education cost 

    Unlike the countries such as the UK & USA, Canadian education fee is much lesser and also Canadian currency is lower as compared to other top countries. Which make you pay less!

  6. Highly recognized 

    The Canadian degrees are valued around the globe. It offers standard degrees which are recognized everywhere in the world. It also offers exciting campus lifestyle with healthy communities.


Of course, Canada is diverse and big – it’s filled with thrill and surprises at every level.

You can study in Canada through us. We offer a diverse range of course to help you and to make your study abroad process smooth.

Our services:

  1. Career advice
  2. University suggestions
  3. Pre-college exams training
  4. Documentation guidance
  5. University application
  6. Education Loan
  7. Financial guidance
  8. VISA advice
  9. Visa application
  10. Pre-departure
  11. Accommodations

All you have to just dump in your academic documents to us and with your university suggestions, we will take care of rest all at a very little cost.

Don’t apply alone – let’s guide you for free!

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