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Why Study Abroad – Benefits of Studying Abroad?

India is the 2nd largest country with most students studying abroad which is approximately 2 million – the demand of studying abroad is increasing by the every passing day. Did you ever wonder, why?

Here we are going to answer the most shout-after question: why study abroad?

There are millions of reason we can outline. The below a few will help you understand why studying abroad is a dream for most students.

  1. Part-time jobs availability: Most countries allow international students to work part-time for at-least 20 hours per week. Not only this, they also make sure the availability of part-time jobs for the needy students. This helps the international students not only financially but also to cope up with the day to day to challenges and help them to get adaptable to the work-life environment.
  1. Professional staff: The universities hire the staff which is industry trained or have any experience in the working environment of the same industry. Most of the researchers are going on the university campus and you can be the part of that as well.


  1. Stay-back period: Almost every country offers some sort of PSW (Post Study Work) for you to practically experience the studies which you have undergone. Canada offers up to three years work permit post course completion and some of the UK universities now started offering 6-month work permit post course completion.


  1. High-quality education: Most of the universities offer a high-class infrastructure with a premium education quality. Universities are equipped with the modern facilities e.g. library, computer labs, science labs etc. You can enjoy a truly remarkable education system to make a bright career in a field of your own interest.


  1. Quality jobs availability: Although, getting jobs abroad is not that easy; however, if you plan systematically, this can be a life-changing move. The universities offer you a practical support to get you a good job. Plan rightly, build a strong resume and celebrate!


  1. Global experience: Studying in a country other than your own is in itself like an education. You meet with hundreds of students across the boundaries who gather at a place just like you do. It teaches you many important things which would help you build a strong character and an overall personality.

We, at IEC ABROAD, are a partner with many numbers of universities in different countries which helps us to process your application easily and to communicate faster with the universities. We act as a bridge between you and the universities. You can submit your academic documents to us and we will suggest you the universities as per your interest areas. Please share this article with your friends and family to answer their “why study abroad?” question.


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